Case Study: Azency Propels DataHub to Visibility Heights in Nepal 

datahub seo case study

In today’s competitive digital landscape, even the most secure and reliable businesses can struggle with online visibility. This was the case for DataHub, a leading provider of data centers and cloud services in Nepal. While they offered robust solutions for businesses, banks, and financial institutions, their brand awareness and online presence remained limited. 

Azency, a performance-driven SEO agency, partnered with DataHub to address this challenge. Our goal was to propel DataHub to the forefront of the Nepalese cloud service market, increasing their online visibility and attracting their target audience. 

Client Challenge 

DataHub faced several key challenges: 

  • Low Brand Awareness: Despite offering secure and reliable cloud solutions, DataHub struggled to reach their target audience within Nepal. 
  • Limited Online Visibility: Their website lacked search engine optimization (SEO), hindering organic traffic and user acquisition. 
  • Need for Local Focus: Educating the Nepalese market on the benefits of local cloud solutions was crucial. 

Azency’s SEO Strategy 

To tackle these challenges, Azency developed a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the Nepalese market: 

  • Keyword Research: Our SEO specialists conducted in-depth keyword research, identifying high-intent keywords relevant to data centers, cloud services, and the advantages of local cloud solutions. This ensured DataHub targeted the right audience searching for their services. 
  • Content Marketing: We crafted compelling and informative content that addressed the specific needs of Nepalese businesses. This content educated potential clients on the benefits of cloud solutions, highlighting the added security and peace of mind of choosing a local provider like DataHub. 
  • Local SEO Optimization: Azency optimized DataHub’s website for local search, ensuring it appeared in relevant searches conducted within Nepal. 
  • Backlink Building: We embarked on a manual backlink building campaign, securing over 1,500 high-quality links from reputable Nepalese websites. This boosted DataHub’s online authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines. 
  • Performance Tracking & Optimization: Azency implemented a robust SEO tracking system, constantly monitoring website traffic, keyword rankings, and other key metrics. Based on this data, we continuously refined our strategies to ensure the SEO campaign delivered optimal results. 


Through Azency’s meticulous SEO efforts, DataHub experienced significant growth and visibility within the Nepalese cloud service market: 

  • Increased Clicks & Impressions: Over a 6-month period, we generated over 4,000 clicks and a staggering 58,800 impressions, putting DataHub directly in front of their target audience. This significant increase in online exposure translated to a wider pool of potential clients. 
  • Soaring Visibility: DataHub’s website visibility skyrocketed from a mere 10% to a commanding 43%. This positioned them as one of the top 3 most visible cloud service brands in Nepal, a remarkable feat considering the competitive landscape. 
  • Traffic Surge: Azency transformed DataHub’s website into a bustling hub, attracting over 700 monthly visitors, representing a remarkable and sustainable increase. This influx of qualified traffic significantly boosted their potential customer base. 
  • Keyword Domination: Our targeted SEO strategy yielded impressive results. An impressive 10 targeted keywords secured top 3 positions on search engine results pages (SERPs), with an additional 18 ranking within the top 10. This dominance ensured DataHub appeared at the forefront of relevant search queries. 

Beyond the Peak: Continued Partnership 

Azency’s partnership with DataHub extends beyond the initial SEO campaign. We understand the importance of maintaining momentum and ensuring long-term success. We remain committed to: 

  • Ongoing Backlink Management: Azency continuously monitors and maintains DataHub’s backlink profile, ensuring the quality and relevance of backlinks for sustained search engine authority. 
  • Adaptive SEO Strategy: The digital landscape is constantly evolving. Azency remains vigilant, adapting our SEO strategies based on industry trends and algorithm updates to ensure DataHub’s continued dominance in the Nepalese cloud service market. 


Azency’s successful SEO campaign for DataHub serves as a testament to the power of a targeted and data-driven approach. By understanding the unique challenges of the Nepalese market and implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy, we propelled DataHub to the forefront of the cloud service industry. 

Ready to Ascend Your Digital Everest? 

At Azency, we are passionate about helping businesses like DataHub achieve their online visibility goals. Our team of SEO specialists possesses the expertise and dedication to develop customized strategies that drive success. Contact us today and let’s embark on your SEO adventure! 

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