azency is a design and digital-loving collective.

Back in 2017, we started our operations from Delhi and have been trusted by clients all over the world for eCommerce and digital marketing solutions ever since. With passing time, our clientele grew and so did our team. And today we proudly operate globally with offices in 3 major locations: USA, India and Nepal.

our values

We believe that excellence is achieved with teamwork of the team that is not afraid to explore new trails but still keeps in line with the end target in conjunction with the client requirements.

Welcoming a CHALLENGE

When faced with an issue we take it as a challenge and ask ourselves the 5Ws then prepare to dive deep into the issue to get it solved with all our heart and expertise.

Making ideas HAPPEN

Marketing and Branding are ever evolving sectors so to keep apace with the changing trends we are always looking to take the next step in marketing and branding solutions. We are determined to provide the most unique and exciting ways to promote a product online.

Learning and UNLEARNING

The digital platform is ever changing. What is today, may not be tomorrow, so we always stay on top of the latest trends in order to provide the best solutions.

Exploring new HEIGHTS

It is not just about the hours put in but it is also about how far we’ve gone. We are always looking towards achieving the best end result.

what makes us

Years of commitment, dedication and hardwork along with our creative approaches to solve our clients problems have gained us the credibility of leading social & web development platforms like Shopify, Facebook & Google.

shopify experts Partners

As Shopify partners, we have worked with over 100+ Shopify sites to enhance their online presence.

Facebook Marketing Partners

Need to boost your sales through Facebook? We work with optimising campaigns and ads to help you get a successful result.

google Marketing Partners

We are experts in Google Marketing platforms. We provide marketing solutions and paid advertising for Google.

our core values

Creating Exceptional Digital Goods By Creating A Culture People Want To Be A Part Of

The Azency attitude emphasizes self-driven progress toward clever mastery and knowledge-sharing culture, as well as a participatory approach to decision-making and empowerment.

client satisfaction and happiness

Client satisfaction, we think, is rooted in the well-being and pleasure of those who provide the service.

Get high-quality results much faster

Providing results faster without compramising on quality is the motto by which we live by.

wide range of services for your business

From social media, branding to building performant website, we have tools and skills required to build your business online.

Providing best in house designs

The website will appeal to your prospects since it is simple and straightforward, quick to respond, and easy to explore.

creative by nature

Curating designs for your online presence with minimal, simple and beautiful designs.


We are here for all problems that may arise wih your business.

about our founder and beginning of azency.

Our nearshore clients are mostly from Germany, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom, and they operate in cities like Berlin, London, Munich, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. We may come to you or you can join the team at our office for a quick start. We are about 2-3 hours away from major European airports.

With 3 Offices situated globally, we work with clients and partners all around the world.

Azency which started with humble beginnings, is now operating in 3 countries across the globe, to serve clients in all time zones and countries. We have even been listed among the Top 30 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Delaware by Design Rush.

the azency experience.

We are hooked with telling compelling, lively brand stories. Come, become a part of a story-telling journey that will elevate your brand’s presence.

work with shopify experts

priority customer support

elevate your buisness with us

top quality social media

beautiful and fast websites

smooth website runtime

best social media creatives

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