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Grow your business with our Shopify marketing solutions. If you are looking to expand your Shopify business through marketing via various platforms, we got you! We provide paid media marketing, content creation, optimization and SEO services. 


Our Shopify Marketing Services

We strive towards your long-term goals by implementing a Shopify digital marketing plan that generates visitors to your Shopify store and assists you in converting more transactions.

Paid Media Marketing

Create paid and advertising campaigns in Google, Facebook and Instagram. Paid Advertising helps to get more traffic and sales, allowing you to increase your audience drastically. We provide full service social media marketing to help you scale up your business.

Social Media Marketing & Content Curation

When it comes to social media marketing, we go beyond what is the norm. A good social media presence is all about connecting with your audience. That is why, we connect with the right influencers for your brand, produce engaging content, and build brand loyalty to help your business scale to the next level.

Optimization For Higher ROI

Ecommerce firms have a big chance to develop their company by fully utilizing sponsored social media and influencer marketing. Azency's strategy for social media marketing focuses on gaining, cultivating, and retaining clients, with income as the primary criterion for success across paid advertising.

SEO for Shopify

By investing in Search Engine Optimization, you are also ensuring that you provide a great experience to your visitors along with great content and an attractive layout. With Shopify SEO, you can grow your traffic organically, rank better on search engines and increase visibility of your brand.

A Shopify Marketing Agency That Understands Your Goals &
Brings Desired Results

We work together with our clients to understand the essence of their business. Our goal is to reach new heights of marketing with you.

It’s All In The Numbers

Marketing and outreach has everything to do with numbers. That is why we analyze data based on results of marketing campaigns. We apply strategies according to those results to help your business get the most conversions.

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We’d say our client retention rate of 95% answers it all.

We live and breathe retail, so we know what it's like to be a store owner and how responsive you need to be with Shopify stores. That's why we're continuously utilizing the most up-to-date data and insights to design, launch, and analyze campaigns, ensuring that you're always one step ahead.

Our innovative ecommerce marketing strategy mixes the real and intangible into a results-driven framework that may help you grow your efforts while maintaining a high return on investment.

What do you want a potential consumer to know about your company right away? What kind of impression do you want to make? We work with you to think about everything to plan with our Shopify marketing experts. To develop our campaign creative and messaging based on a person's relationship with your business to deliver a message we know will resonate.

The age of the social media brand is here, and our marketing and creative content teams can help you make sure yours is front and center. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing allow you to provide unrivaled value to your consumers by displaying the greatest product, brand, and service right at the top of their search results.

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Director & Founder

Job was speedily done, much appreciated. Good work thanks. I will use this company again.

Alexis Guszick


Azency was incredibly organized, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. This was my first Shopify store creation experience and I hired Azency to help me navigate a very challenging template. If you are looking for Shopify experts with patience and creativity, Azency is who you want to contact

Siena Lee Tajiri

Founder & CEO
Love and Above Cat Club

Excellent response time, and very careful, conscientious communication as well; which was much appreciated and reassuring! Bottom line: they are a great value, and their value will only increase. Thank you Azency!

Chrissie Lavender


Working Azency was a good experience. The process was straight forward and they turned around the requested work fairly quickly. I plan to keep working with them.

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