Cloudways Hosting: A Brief Introduction To Cloudways Web Hosting For An Ecommerce Site

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Behind the success of every website are the unsung heroes: web hosts. Web hosts provide the infrastructure to host websites and all contents on the internet.

Cloudways hosting is one such hero, working to make the website experience faster and more reliable. 

Founded in 2012 AD, it is a Malta-based web hosting service provider used by more than 570K websites around the world.

It provides options to choose from five cloud providers: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud, and AWS.

5 providers offered by Cloudways Web Hosting

Their hosting is managed, which means that the maintenance and technical aspects of your website are handled by Cloudways.

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If you are planning to develop an eCommerce website or own one, Cloudways has got dedicated plans for eCommerce hosting including WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Magento hosting. In addition to this, it also has dedicated WordPress hosting. 

Services offered by cloudways web hosting

The Cloudways team provides 24/7 real-time expert support and ensures that any technical issues are resolved at a minimum time.

Features Of Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways offer the following features:

Cloudflare CDN: With over 250 servers around the globe, Cloudflare makes your websites faster. It optimizes images and mobile experience.

Five Cloud Providers: Like we mentioned above, you can choose from 5 different cloud providers for every price range covered: DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and Google Cloud.

60+ Global Data Center: Higher number of data centers ensure faster websites.

Off-site Storage: Off-site storage options allow your data to be stored in remote locations. Your valuable data is available from anywhere and protected from potential hardware crashes.

SSD hosting: Cloudways uses SSD storage technology which is about 3x faster than traditional storage.

Dedicated Servers: With dedicated servers hosting your website, you can experience faster websites and safety from the security risks of shared hosting.

Managed Web Hosting: Managed web hosting provides technical support to handle all your website complexities so that you can focus more on your business.

CMS: Cloudways offers one press installation of WordPress. It also hosts other CMS including Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, etc.

Free SSL: Secure your website with a free SSL certificate. This makes your website more trustworthy to customers and also helps in better search engine ranking.

Seamless Scaling: You can seamlessly scale your hosting plan to accommodate your growing business.

Cloudflare Enterprises: This solution caters to the need of the most demanding websites. This solution offers faster websites than free Cloudflare CDN and also provides added security benefits.

ECommerce Hosting: The dedicated eCommerce hosting plan of Cloudways uses the best hardware and support to ensure that your eCommerce website can handle the huge amount of user load.

Breeze Plugin for WordPress: With the Breeze plugin, increase the speed of your WordPress websites.

1 Click Installation: Easily deploy WordPress and Magento on your website with 1 click installation.

CloudwaysBot: This useful tool can get real-time insights into the performance of your website. It allows communication through slack and emails.

Which Cloudways Hosting Plan Does My Business Need?

Cloudways provides a basic plan as low as $10 per month to an eCommerce plan that costs more than $3500 a month.

A small business can do fine with the standard package but a larger eCommerce store with thousands of pages will require a more expensive plan.

The price changes with the cloud providers. 

Cloud providers from cheapest to most expensive are: Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Linode, DigitalOcean, and Vultr have storage limits and bandwidth limits for various plans.

If you own a WordPress website, you’d want to choose WordPress hosting plans.

However, Google Cloud and AWS operate on the flexible pay-as-you-go model. It means that you pay according to the storage and bandwidth use. 

Also, if you register through our affiliate link for Cloudways, you will receive various offers on their site.

Which Subscription Of Cloudways Hosting Should I Choose?

The subscription plan for your business website varies widely. You can consult with your web developer or your friends in the technical field to get an estimate of which plan you need.

The following factors will play a huge role when choosing a plan:

  1. Expected Numbers Of Monthly Visitors: Different subscription plans have a limit on the monthly visitors they can host. Choose plans wisely. Bandwidth also limits the total number of users your website can handle during peak times.
  1. A Number Of Pages: The website contains web pages serving different contents. The more pages you want, and the more content you host; the more storage you need in the subscription. 
    A typical web page is about 3 MB. The lowest tier 10 GB plan can probably accommodate 3000 pages easily. However, it won’t allow much room for video content.
  1. Size Of Your Website: If you want to have a website for your business just for the sake of having one, a basic plan can cover you.

If you are planning to host more video content; you need plans that offer higher storage options. This also applies to large eCommerce websites.

Getting A Website:

Don’t own a website yet? Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Register Domain Name
  2. Choose Web Hosts And Subscription
  3. Create Contents

Register A Domain Name

Firstly, you will be required to register a domain name for your website. You’d probably want to use an existing name for your business.

A domain name is a unique address or the name of your website on the internet.

For example, on the website ‘’, the domain name is ‘azency’.

You can register or get a domain name from a domain registrar. Some examples of registrars include GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Google Domains.

You cannot own the domain name permanently and it requires renewal every one or two years.

To check the availability and price of the domains, you can enter the name on GoDaddy.

Choose Web Host And A Subscription

After the domain name, you need a web host. Web hosts provide the physical infrastructure that hosts your website and all contents.

Managed web hosting partners like Cloudways handle all the technicalities of managing websites; so you don’t have to.

Cloudways subscription starts from $10/month for the most basic plan and goes all the way up to $3500/month for managed AWS hosting.

Web hosts provide different subscriptions that cater to different businesses. Choose the right plan depending on the requirements of your business.

Create Contents

Woman creating content for web hosting

Your website is like your business, setting up is only the beginning.

For a website to serve its purpose, you need good quality content. Pictures, infographics, blogs, videos, etc. are some of the types of content.

Content developed by professionals ensures you send the right messages and help them convert. 

You can hire in-house professionals like content writers, graphic designers, and digital marketing managers to ensure a properly functioning website. 

A website is a vital asset for any business. Cloudways provides reliable web hosting to ensure that your website is running smoothly and serving your customers.

Cloudways offers plenty of features that make it the sought-after web host.

Azency provides Cloudways hosting services for your website to help it run smoothly. We also provide web development solutions, content marketing, designing and branding services for a 360-degree approach to your business. 

You can hire Azency to consult on the benefits of using Cloudways for your eCommerce business. 

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